In order for the IT team to leverage technology to help the firm grow, we need to engage with the business side of the firm, which takes time. Having a company like Optimal to run our day-to-day technology allow my team and me to understand the firm’s needs from a business perspective and utilize the technology accordingly.

Frank Schipani

IT Director, Gilbert, LLP

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Gilbert, LLP, a 28-attorney law firm in DC, needed a resource that their internal IT team could rely on.


Gilbert’s complex needs translated into a complex technology environment.
Without a way to offload some of the risk and responsibility of securing and maintaining this environment, it was easy for Gilbert’s internal team to end up spending all of their time and energy on tasks that had little impact on the firm’s business-level development or efficiency.

This meant the firm was missing out on strategic direction that could proactively improve their operations and ultimately drive their revenue.


Today, Gilbert’s internal IT team is free to focus their attention on fueling their firm’s growth.

Rather than wasting time worrying about the day-to-day elements like maintaining network hardware or disaster recovery, the team can instead focus deeply on the needs of their attorneys, their firm’s goals, and industry trends to provide powerful strategic and competitive advantages.

And, whenever their team identifies large-scale projects, they have a trusted resource that can help guide the project from a high level, coordinate with necessary third-party vendors, and serve as a scalable extension of the Gilbert team whenever they need additional feet on the ground.


Gilbert, LLP is a DC-based firm focused on strategic risk and litigation consulting, and on insurance recovery. The firm’s clients include business entities, debtors and creditors in bankruptcy matters, law firms, accounting firms and other professional organizations, non-profits, and individuals. For more, visit


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