Healthcare is changing at a faster rate than it has since my family started the company in 1968. We need a trusted technology partner looking out for our best interests in this volatile market space

Neal Kursban

President, Family & Nursing Care

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Family & Nursing Care (FNC), an in-home care provider, did not need a full-time tech resource, but they did need a hand.


After parting ways with their CIO, FNC didn’t have the strategic, business-level technology guidance they needed to keep their sensitive client data secure.

Since the organization handles a significant amount of Protected Health Information, they must safeguard their data or else face steep fines and a damaged reputation due to a HIPAA compliance violation.   

Staff were also fighting against a poor phone system that actively cost them business, and a database that was difficult and time-consuming to use.


Today, FNC staff have the freedom to be far more productive, and to focus their energy on serving their clients.

Not only is downtime minimal across the organization, but FNC has implemented several solutions – including a new phone system and EMR package – that have noticeably increased their efficiency.

On top of that, FNC staff are far more confident in the security of their sensitive data, and the overall ability to solve any new technology challenges they encounter.

As President Neal Kursban puts it, “Now we gather and say ‘we might be able to do it; let’s ask Optimal how.’”

About Family and Nursing Care

Since 1968, Family & Nursing Care has been the premier provider of in-home services for older adults. As a pioneer in the aging industry, FNC enhances the quality of life of older adults with customized services including personal care and companionship. For more, visit


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