As a firm, we’ve experienced increased productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness in Optimal’s cloud.

Pat Finnan

Managing Partner, Finnan, Edell, Shapiro & Finnan

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When your relationship with your IT provider has deteriorated as a result of bandaged, aging, and unresponsive systems, you feel stuck.  Edell, Shapiro, & Finnan, a leading intellectual property firm in DC, describes it as being held hostage.


“We felt stuck in a bad situation,” said Pat Finnan, Edell, Shapiro, & Finnan’s Managing Partner.  “We knew we needed to leave, but we worried about not being able to function during the transition, or recover from this underperforming network.”

They needed an IT firm with business acumen who could take the reins, orchestrate a smooth transition, and relieve the significant IT burden being shouldered by Firm Administrator Nikki Korson.

“The majority of my time was being spent taking tech complaints from attorneys and staff, relaying these to the IT company, and then following up on issues,” Korson said. “I would literally track ticketed items and prioritize them for our provider so that our people could continue to be productive.”

This excessive IT burden made it impossible for Korson to dedicate the time needed to firm operations, HR, and marketing—all of which were necessary to meet the firm’s growth objectives.


Edell, Shapiro and Finnan was up and running in Optimal’s cloud within only three months.

“We were up and running quickly, but Optimal’s proactive guidance didn’t stop once we made the decision to move to the cloud,” said Finnan. “After we had been in Optimal’s cloud for 6 months, they conducted a survey to get feedback from our staff in order to further customize our environment, mitigate issues, and improve performance.”

Today, the firm’s attorneys are able to work—and work from anywhere. Downtime is a non-issue so productivity has increased. In addition, firm leadership feels confident that Optimal understands their culture and growth plans, and evaluates decisions with industry best practices in mind.

Most importantly, however, Korson is able to fulfill her core responsibilities without the additional IT burden: “I can now focus on the human resources, operations, and marketing initiatives necessary to move the firm’s growth plans forward.”

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