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Cloud Services

Not long ago “the cloud” was still a term that most people didn’t fully understand. Now that most organizations are embracing hybrid and remote work for the long term, understanding and embracing cloud solutions has become a necessity. Not only do your clients and members expect you to be able to serve them from anywhere, but The Great Resignation has shown us that a flexible work environment is central to attracting and retaining top talent. From a very practical perspective, cloud solutions also eliminate the ongoing headache of upgrading physical server environments while transferring the responsibility of performance and uptime (and the risk therein) to your cloud provider. For all of these reasons, the cloud makes sense. We can help you get there.
We’ve been in the cloud business since before it was called the cloud. Since 2012 our team has been executing methodical cloud migrations, optimizing performance and security of cloud environments, and providing our standard white-glove support along the way. Whether it’s building an entirely private cloud infrastructure, transitioning you into Microsoft’s Windows 365 virtual desktop platform, or helping you get the most out of your cloud-based document or project management system, we can help.

We migrated to virtual desktops several years ago, and found that operating in a virtual desktop environment made our transition to working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic relatively seamless.

Going into the cloud places the burden of network management squarely on Optimal’s shoulders. We can now focus on our core mission and how technology supports it, rather than worrying about the technology itself.

I love the ability to work from anywhere without having complex workarounds.

Our technology service is like the electric company. I don’t have to think about it. When I flip the switch, the light comes on. When I log in each day, my desktop just works.

    Migration Projects

    The pandemic made some organizations painfully aware of ties to physical hardware. Whether your entire technology infrastructure exists on servers in your office, or whether you have one specific application that you haven’t been able to migrate because there is so much data to parse through, our team of engineers and project managers can help plan and execute your transition to a more accessible and reliable cloud solution.
    Besides executing seamless technical migrations, our team also excels at preparing your staff for the changes to come, and giving them the confidence to be productive in the new environment.

    System Design

    We can also help refine your system architecture. In some cases, cloud applications are so accessible that organizations wind up with duplicate programs that can lead to inefficiencies and even lost data. In other cases, organizations have what could be the right application, but given a rushed implementation or improper training they end up fighting against the software and losing valuable time in the process.
    Our team can help assess your current cloud setup, where there are deficiencies and opportunities for improvement, and help design the kind of environment that makes your lives easier—not harder.

    Cloud Security

    Beyond getting the right cloud solutions in place, we also have to get the right cloud security in place. Now that our data is spread across a number of different cloud platforms which are often accessed from each employee’s home, the old paradigm of securing our “network” is no longer sufficient. Instead, we have to secure our data wherever it lives—and educate our people on how to avoid creating undue risk. We can help match your security strategy to the realities of hybrid and remote work.


    We’ve Got You Secured.

    It takes just a few minutes to know if hybrid work has exposed vulnerabilities in your organization.