Tired of maintaining technology at your offices? You don’t have to.

Cloud Solutions

Who needs the cloud?

Organizations turn to our cloud solutions when they:

Don’t want to upgrade their servers or workstations ever again


Need seamless mobile and remote access that allows for maximum productivity and collaboration


Want an environment that’s more secure than what they could build and maintain on their own

Featured Client Success Story

A Miami law firm’s stress-free transition to working and billing from home during the pandemic.

How we do “cloud”

With our OptimalSphereSM cloud solutions, you get rid of the network that’s in your office,
and we’ll deliver the same (or better) technology to you right over the internet instead

We’ll provide the cloud technology, and we’ll support it with all the security, redundancy, backup, remote support, and on-site support that you need to be successful.

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Our Virtual Desktop Solution

5 Secrets to Keep Your Remote Workers Connected

How can we best keep our remote workers connected both technically and culturally? We’ll walk you through 5 key ways.

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