Instead of dedicating their time to advancing your mission, your CFO, COO, or other executive seems to spend all day watching over your technical resources.

Common Symptoms

This problem shows itself in several different ways, including:


Instead of turning to your IT resource, your staff takes their technology issues to your CFO or COO because that’s the only way they’ll make any progress toward a resolution.


While your executives would love to dedicate their time to thinking strategically about your mission, they find themselves riding herd on your IT team for hours upon hours each week, including keeping track of each and every support ticket opened.


You’ve lost faith that your IT team is looking out for your best interests, and at this point are just hoping that they’ll keep your systems from completely collapsing.

How To Solve It

A few possible solutions to this problem are:

Hiring an IT Manager.

One way to keep your executives from managing your IT team is to hire someone else to manage your IT team. If you’re able to afford another internal resource, and if you’re comfortable managing them, this could be a good way to get your team back on the right track.


Outsourcing your IT

If you have an in-house team right now, you might consider cutting the cord entirely and contracting with an outsourced IT firm. This is most definitely a sensitive transition (as your team has the keys to the castle), but it isn’t anything these companies haven’t dealt with before.


Getting a new provider

If it’s an outsourced team that is running your team ragged, get rid of them. There are tons of providers out there, and while the industry may not have the best reputation, there are good providers out there if you take the time to look around.

Need help choosing the right path?

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