Law Firm Summit: The Modern Law Firm, A talk by Heinan Landa

As delivered for the Law Firm Summit June 30, 2020

Leveraging the Power of Technology

by Heinan Landa | Optimal Networks, Inc.
Over the past three decades, the legal industry has been flipped on its ear. Increasingly rapid advances in technology have fundamentally altered the way in which law firms function. Pressure to differentiate mounts as the marketplace grows more and more saturated.

Yet according to Altman Weil, the majority of firms aren’t in any rush to make changes: “Despite under-performance, overcapacity, financial volatility, and encroaching competition from a variety of sources, 59% of law firms say they are ‘not feeling enough economic pain’ to motivate more significant change in the way they deliver legal services.”

In this conversation, Heinan Landa of Optimal Networks shares:

  • How the remote work landscape changed over the past few years
  • Why small firms should invest in cybersecurity
  • Quick tips for securing data for law firms
  • What firms stand to lose if they stick with the status quo
  • How a shift in focus—powered by technology—will allow firms to convert this new terrain from a series of stumbling blocks into a competitive advantage
  • Specific solutions and strategies for technological success
  • How to choose the right IT provider for firms of all sizes

Watch the talk here!