Sony sure knew how to send off 2014 with a bang. And I bet they are starting 2015 using email very sparingly.

At the end of November, cybercriminals hacked into Sony’s computer systems and tapped into sensitive internal information. On top of threats of violence and the release of an overwhelming amount of Sony employees’ personal information, the “Guardians of Peace” also released Sony executives’ private email communications (which range from embarrassing to incriminating).

It’s the first real act of cyberterrorism. As a country, we are learning how to navigate this new world in which cyberterrorism is a very sobering reality. As an organization, Sony has to be regretting not only the contents of their emails but, more intensely, the absence of email alternatives.

Would Sony have been better off if they had made use of other means of communication besides email?  Possibly.  At the very least, it merits some investigation. Read more here…

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