Technology Predictions To Look (and Look Out) For in 2013

This summer’s judgment in the Apple vs. Samsung case was a landmark ruling in terms of product development and patent breadth in the technology innovation space. The ruling, combined with the much-anticipated Windows 8 operating system  (and corresponding tablet) launch, will make for an interesting 2013 consumer and business technology environment. Here’s what you need to know about the technology landscape in the New Year.

  1.  Less Product Releases: Apple vs. Samsung Judgment Fallout.   Technological innovation will suffer as a result of the Apple vs. Samsung verdict. The pressure on developers to create everything from scratch could, potentially, paralyze productivity and innovation. Instead of using established touch-screen technologies (pinch-to-zoom, single finger scrolling—usability features which have become standard on touch-screen devices across platforms) as a stepping stone for improvements across manufacturers and developers, developers will be spending time “recreating the wheel”. This will result in a slower product-to-market cycle and less choices for the consumer.
  2. Decline of Android: Hardware Manufacturers May Run.  As a result of the Apple vs. Samsung judgment, hardware manufacturers will almost certainly run away from Android operating systems out of fear. We will see many manufacturers of hardware devices switch to the Windows 8 operating system because Microsoft is the only company truly differentiating itself from Apple in the touch-screen space.
  3. Windows 8 Surface Tablet: Open For Business (Users).  Because hardware manufacturers will be running scared from Android, the opportunity for Windows 8 OS is ripe.  And, with the widespread adoption of Windows 8 OS, the Windows 8 Pro Surface tablet –with its touch screen familiarity, pull out keyboard, and ability to run the full version of Microsoft Office, is well-positioned to dominate the business tablet market.
  4. iPhone 5: Still Dominant.  Apple iPhones and iPads will continue to dominate the consumer marketplace predominantly because they had first-move advantage. The iPhone 5 will be the hot holiday ticket item with some incremental improvements and upgrades from past releases (as is Apple’s pattern). As a result, the iPhone 5 and the iPad will be the devices most brought to organizations with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies. With the cautionary innovation environment, however, don’t expect any revolutionary smartphones released in 2013.
  5. BYOD Gets Bigger, Policies Get Smarter.  More and more organizations across industries will institute a Bring Your Own Device policy to more comprehensively accommodate employees bringing personal tablets and smartphones to work. This means that organizations and technology consultants (both in-house and out) will spend significant amounts of time evaluating which devices are and are not supportable and designing extensive security policies to protect corporate proprietary data.
  6. Cell Phone Wrist Watches.  This summer, Eric Migicovsky, the mastermind behind Pebble Watch, received more than $10.2 million in funding on This smart watch has received publicity not only for what it can do, but also for how it leveraged the start-up funding platform to break records.  The digital watch currently pairs with Android phones and the iPhone and runs multiple apps. This technology is moving fast…and the practical applications for these devices will multiply in 2013. Don’t get one just yet…but stay on top of how they are evolving.
  7. Constant Cloud: The Established Alternative.  It was nebulous and then well-defined. And now, it is familiar—and pervasive. Cloud technology is an established presence in the consciousness of most people. Although 2013 will see an increase in cloud technology applications and adoptions, it will not be the year that everyone abandons their own infrastructure. Instead, cloud technology in 2013 is an established, proven alternative to consider when your internal network and equipment is due for an upgrade. Like an old friend, it will be waiting if and when you need it.

Last Word

2013 will prove to be a very interesting year for technology. While we won’t see as many new product releases, we will witness improvements on existing products and technologies. What’s more, this era of cautionary innovation will allow policies to catch up to the devices, hopefully creating a more secure and stable technology environment across business and personal platforms.




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