Technology Assessment

Is your organization considering a significant technology investment?

Layout 1If so, do you want to know if that investment is the right one—and will provide bottom-line returns? Is your organization entering a time of transition or considering a firm-wide technology upgrade? Has your organization recently been given new data management, archival, or security requirements? Do you have questions about costs and benefits of moving to the cloud?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you could benefit from a Technology Assessment.

If you think of your strategic technology direction as a journey, Optimal’s Technology Assessment is your map.

Our professionals conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your organization’s network and IT systems; we assess where you are now, where you need to be, and how best to get there. The state of your technology infrastructure will be evaluated with your organization’s goals, operational needs, and financial interests in mind. Then, we prioritize our recommendations into short, mid-term, and long-range projects—and provide implementation price-points.

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What do you get?

A comprehensive report that includes:

  • Your own Technology Roadmap with prioritized recommendations
  • An element-by-element description of your current IT systems and policies with detailed recommendations for improvement
  • Full implementation costing to achieve the key recommendations
  • Briefing to executive leadership


As a result of Optimal Networks’ Technology Assessment, your organization will be able to identify and understand:

  • The IT requirements necessary to support ongoing business objectives
  • Future strategic options for information systems, depending on growth expectations
  • Options and estimates for the implementation of network upgrades and projects
  • How to ensure security and business continuity across your network
  • Cloud-based and virtualization solutions
  • Potential cost-saving options associated with the comprehensive, ongoing management of your network environment

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Technology Assessments Process Definition

  • Interview. We interview you about your system to find out how your business uses technology to meet goals, what is important to you, what is working well, and what technology challenges you are experiencing.
  • System Audit. We examine and document each of your central systems and their configuration to understand what you currently have and how it is working for you.
  • Security Analysis. We “ethically hack” into your system to see how vulnerable you are. We look at the security of your servers, your firewall, spyware and antivirus software, and your overall network environment.
  • Data Analysis. We compare the information about your system to industry best practices for organizations of your size and capabilities.
  • Presentation & Deliverable. We meet with you to go over the Technology Assessment and provide documentation, analysis, and recommendations for each element of your system. We also provide you with budgetary projections on all short-term recommendations and any mid- or long-range improvements you may want to implement.