Security Assessment

We hear about corporate security breaches almost daily.

1970939You can’t help but wonder if your organization is at risk. Even the most careful, the biggest, and extremely well-funded companies can have significant security liabilities lurking just beneath the surface of their networks and IT systems. Is your organization at risk?

Optimal’s Security Assessment service answers this question for you. It is a comprehensive diagnostic service that can either confirm confidence in your network and systems, or proactively identify areas of potential security issues or complications. We perform extensive internal and external vulnerability testing—and look at the security of your servers, your firewall, spyware and antivirus software, and your overall network environment. In addition, an Optimal engineer will conduct an on-site inspection of your network environment, note security vulnerabilities, and evaluate the security training level of your staff. Our senior consultants will prepare a report that details our findings and remediation recommendations and presents it to executive leadership.

With Optimal’s Security Assessment, you’ll become aware of your systems’ flaws before they become catastrophic problems that affect your organization’s productivity and profitability.

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