IT Strategy Development

It’s a new world for IT.

In fact, Forrester defines business technology as a “slow but relentless revolution in which traditional technology management, historically delivered only by an IT organization [or team], is changing into pervasive technology use…and measured in terms of business results.” An organization’s C-level executives have a vital role to play in defining the technology direction to achieve a competitive advantage for their organization.

Robinson_20130411_0001 But, where to start?

As part of Optimal’s Strategic Technology Assessment or Fractional CIO services, Optimal’s IT strategy development process includes an evaluation of the ability of your current technology platform to support future objectives, the identification of technology liabilities, an evaluation of scalability and flexibility, and assistance in aligning technology initiatives with business strategy. While it will address tactical issues, it will also consider bigger-picture impact to the organization.

We will create a one to three-year strategic plan to help you gain business value from your IT investments and functions and generate a significant competitive advantage. Think of it as a map to help guide you to where you need to be today, tomorrow, and into the future.

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Below are the components of comprehensive IT strategy development. From basic connectivity to an IT plan that supports your business goals, each element builds upon the one before it.

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