Fractional CIO

Many firms talk about technology being a strategic business driver, but they don’t provide the senior level experts that bring a business perspective to the situation.

Layout 1But CIO level strategic insight—expertise at the intersection of business and technology—is expensive. Wish you could have a part-time CIO for your organization that you could call to take over certain tasks, bounce things off of, or task with technology strategic planning?

Wish granted. With Optimal’s Fractional CIO service, you get a high-level professional consultant well-versed in how technology can help drive organizational efficiency and growth—at your disposal for however long you need him or her. Whether you need our senior consultant on-site two days a month for three months or two days a week for the foreseeable future, this service provides access to a CIO level professional, in-house, without committing to the CIO salary.

If Optimal’s Technology Assessment can be compared to a map, then think of our Fractional CIO Service as a front-seat navigator who knows where you want to go—and has guided organizations to this destination before. Your Fractional CIO can help you determine what technology is best for your business needs, stay current on the latest technologies available to assist your business, and independently and objectively review any technological enhancements you are considering. Our Fractional CIOs are well-versed in the latest technological trends in your industry, and can provide competitive intelligence on this front. They conduct research and can work with your internal IT team to set priorities and project timelines, drive technical agendas internally, jump-start stalled initiatives, and more.

With Optimal Networks’ Fractional CIO service, you have access to a CIO-level professional on a scalable and cost-effective basis.

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As a result of the Optimal Networks’ Fractional CIO Service, your company will have access to a professional who understands how the proper use of technology can provide process improvements and competitive business advantages; your organization benefits from:

  • An On-Site Professional with both Technology and Business Acumen. Our Fractional CIO professionals speak tech, but they also speak finance and business (and have advanced degrees to prove it). We can explain technology as a business advantage to senior leadership in ways that make sense.
  • Project Management, Coordination, and Staffing. Our professionals can comprehensively coordinate and manage projects involving external and internal technology staff, partners, and vendors
  • Benchmarking Against Industry Best Practices. Your Fractional CIO will identify additional technologies and best practices being used in organizations similar to yours and see how your systems technologically measure up against competitors.
  • Technology S.W.O.T. Analysis. Your Fractional CIO will analyze your organization’s technological strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in an effort to identify new technologies for cost savings, operational efficiencies, and competitive advantages.
  • Business Process Improvements. Your Fractional CIO will suggest improvements for business processes that could benefit from new or different technologies.
  • Objective Perspective. You deserve objective recommendations from someone not incentivized by vendors and partnerships. Your Fractional CIO provides this objective, wide-angled perspective to help you think through business technology decisions involving disaster recovery, backup, business continuity planning, and more.
  • Policy and IT Governance Assistance. Your Fractional CIO can work with your attorney(s) to help you draft policies that mitigate risk, reflect corporate goals, and encompass industry best practices.

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