Documentation Audit

If your IT team left and someone needed to take over day-to-day functioning immediately, would they be able to?

Are all of your networks and systems properly documented with enough detail—and in plain English? Is this a clearly defined responsibility—accessible to everyone in senior management at your organization?

Optimal’s documentation audit service includes a thorough examination of all technology and system components and detailed documentation about your central systems, their configuration, and how they are working for you. At your option, we can create or supplement any existing documentation about your systems. If you would prefer a full system assessment, we recommend our Strategic Technology Assessment.


To see a partial list of what we look at, scroll below.

  • Anti-Spam Protection
  • Anti-Spyware Protection
  • Antivirus Protection
  • Cable Plant
  • Cloud Solutions and Applications
  • Firewall
  • Routers/Switches
  • Server Hardware and Operating Systems
  • Server Room Environment Documentation
  • Accounting System
  • Contact Management
  • Disaster Recovery Technologies and Plans
  • Email
  • Internet Configuration and Bandwidth
  • Line-of-Business Software
  • Shared Storage
  • Remote Access
  • Usage Policies and Procedures
  • Workstation Software and Hardware
  • Virtualization Environment