PC Management and Protection

Are your computers ticking productivity time bombs?

4751249Do you hear regular complaints and water cooler mumblings about speed and freeze ups that are impacting productivity and work flow? Do you fear that a virus contracted by one employee’s PC could disable the entire organization?

Optimal’s PC management and protection service, pcGuard℠, keeps you protected—and productive. This service was developed to manage your organization’s PCs and laptops comprehensively so that you can count on their efficiency. From ant-virus and anti-spyware protection and critical patch application and management to remote access, software installation and anti-spam solutions, this service protects your machines and mission-critical data—and insulates you from having to worry about it.
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pcGuard℠ Features:

  • Centrally-Managed Anti-virus and Anti-spyware Protection. You receive licenses for professional anti-virus and anti-spyware software, comprehensive management of all PCs to ensure employees have the latest definitions, and Optimal’s promise to clean up any issues caused by those that may slip by our stringent safeguards.
  • Off-site Anti-spam Solution. Because our anti-spam solution is off-site, your Internet bandwidth is saved for real mail. Plus, workstations and servers are protected from spam overload. And to ensure all legitimate mail gets read, you receive daily reports listing all blocked messages, with the option to release them individually into your inbox.
  • Critical Patch Application and Management. Rather than relying on your staff to perform the updates to their PCs, you can rest easy knowing that Optimal Networks is doing this for you, and checking to make sure it is getting done correctly. The application of these patches is key to defending your company from potential identity and intellectual property theft.
  • Weekly Temporary File Deletion. Automated, scheduled deletion of “junk” files helps keep your machines functioning seamlessly.
  • Remote Access Software. Your users can take remote control of their computer via the web—securely—from anywhere. This translates to increased productivity and a flexible work environment.
  • Quick-access, Convenient Website. With pcGuard℠, you gain access to a website that serves as a portal to all your IT needs; this includes remote access, spam-filtering, issue tracking and more. This website can be customized to add your own company sites as well.
  • Inventory and Reporting. pcGuard℠ clients can get software and hardware reports from the system upon request. This allows you to keep track of versions of programs running on your employees’ computers, and plan for upgrades and standardization.
  • Software Deployment. Working hand-in-hand with the inventory and reporting feature, this service allows us to widely distribute software updates and other changes that can be centrally scripted to your employees’ computers.