What is it like to work at Optimal?

Well, it’s fun. And stimulating. And there are a variety of personal and professional growth opportunities. You’ll never dread Monday morning again.

interior_image_service_twoBenefits of joining the Optimal team:

  • You are continually challenged. Because no client ever has identical network problems or business goals, not only are you constantly researching new technology solutions to meet their needs, but you are also learning about a variety of industry business models along the way.
  • You get to be creative. Creativity is a concept foreign to most “techies” in other environments. Here, it is key to our success. When working with our clients, we weigh many factors before recommending and implementing technological solutions. This often involves a brainstorming process during which we investigate solutions, cost-effectiveness, and the implications for our clients.
  • You are surrounded by good people who know exceptional service. Because our employees live by our values, as a member of the Optimal team, you are surrounding yourself with people who tell the truth, do the right thing and are committed to making every interaction a positive and productive one. And, as an Optimal employee, you will learn the meaning of exceptional client service. Even the talent selection process we use was pioneered by globally-recognized companies to maintain award-winning service standards.Robinson_20130411_1205
  • The sky is the limit. If you like us and we like you, your career could take many different directions at Optimal—all of them up. In fact, as an Optimal employee you’ll experience career paths and benefits that are usually found only in larger organizations. For more than two decades, Optimal has shown a growth pattern indicative of a high-quality organization. Our operations and service capabilities continue to exceed client expectations. And, as we grow, so do your career opportunities within Optimal.


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Optimal is a proud to have received the Workplace Excellence award every year from 2008 to 2015!