Robinson_20130411_0220Optimal Networks, based in Rockville, Maryland, specializes in providing outsourced information technology (IT) management and consulting services to small- to mid-sized businesses in the Washington, DC area. Because the majority of Optimal’s clients do not have internal IT staff or expertise, they rely on us to:

(a) Keep the Lights On: Deliver high-quality and cost-effective day-to-day IT operations and management resulting in continuous system uptime.

(b) Become Their Technology Advisor: Provide personalized and responsive support to keep IT strategies and operations aligned with the client’s specific business objectives and requirements.

(c) Keep Them Apprised of Tech Trends and Their Implications: Keep the non-technical executive or executives responsible for IT (i.e. CEO, COO, CFO or Executive Director) apprised of important technology trends as they emerge and provide appropriate, candid advice on the investments and timing that align with their organization’s business requirements.


Optimal Networks: Trusted Business IT Advisors

Most IT outsourcing firms focus on the first point above and some deliver on the second. But what our clients need and appreciate most is the last point: The time Optimal invests to candidly—and objectively—explain technology in the context of their business requirements—such as reducing operating costs, supporting a growth strategy or streamlining processes—whether or not there is a new “sales opportunity” for us.


Standing on our heads to provide excellent service for more than two decades.

As a result of this business philosophy, our clients give us something that, while impossible to fully measure, is the attribute we treasure most: their trust.

How a Unique Corporate Persona Benefits Everyone

Optimal has also intentionally created a unique culture for employees—a combination of high integrity, customer-focus, technical expertise plus a heavy dose of fun! The result is a group of engaged, committed and satisfied employees—which translates into satisfied clients.

For more insight on Optimal’s unique culture, check out David and Heinan being interviewed about Optimal’s culture by the We Mean Business television show below.