Your Secure File Syncing and Sharing Solution

Are you losing control of your corporate data?

What if your employees could securely share and collaborate on work files—from anywhere and on any device? What if you could regain control of your organization’s data—and who can access it?

The fastest-growing security threat in the workplace right now is the spread of consumer-grade file sharing solutions. Most executives aren’t aware that if their employees are using solutions like Dropbox to share and access data, they are putting their organization at risk for data theft, loss, corruption, or worse.

With cybercrime at an all-time high, you can’t be too careful about who is accessing your data. SafeShare provides a business-class file sharing and syncing product that is secure and easy-to-use. It will protect your organization while enhancing your productivity.

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SafeShare℠ Features

  • Anywhere Access. This solution syncs all corporate files across all devices—from your work PC to your laptop, tablet, smartphone, and home computer. It is easy to use and there are iOS and Android applications for it!
  • File Server, Reimagined. This solution syncs with your network files so you can see your file server drives and folders from all of your authorized computers and mobile devices. This translates to ease of management and a pain-free remote worker experience. Goodbye slow and cumbersome VPN.
  • Safe File Sharing. Easy-to-use collaboration features empower employees to securely share files via email or URL—without size limitations. Plus, users can track downloads, set expiration dates for accessing content, and receive notifications when recipients act on shared content.
  • Comprehensive Data Security. Your data is encrypted on each device and when it is on-the-move, providing extra security. And, when you send a file to someone, that person must register before accessing the file.
  • Customized Control. Your organization can implement specific security policies on a group or per-user basis, prohibit use of the solution or transfer of your data on non-authorized devices, and remotely wipe sensitive data from lost or stolen devices or from machines owned by employees who have voluntarily or involuntarily left your organization.
  • Activity Audit. You have access to comprehensive usage reports detailing who accessed, shared, and received your corporate data. The solution makes it easy to track all user activity.
  • Reliable Backup. With SafeShare, files you sync up to the cloud are immediately copied. And, because it is part of our OptimalSphere corporate cloud environment, your files are backed up every two hours and stored at two different data center locations for disaster recovery peace of mind. In addition, you can customize the retention period for deleted files and file revisions.