“Why do I have to keep buying—and fixing—computers
when I’m not in the computer business?”

Have you ever asked yourself that question?

If you are like many business owners and operating executives, the last thing you want to do is keep throwing money at building a new network every four or five years—and fixing, patching, and upgrading it during that time. Not only is this a tremendous and complicated time-drain, but you are pouring resources into a utility, rather than investing in your business.

This is why businesses are exploring and embracing the cloud now more than ever.

  • What if you never had to buy another server or pay someone to reconfigure your network?
  • What if you could pay the same amount each month for technology?
  • What if you could free up thousands—or even tens of thousands—of dollars of capital expenditures every year?

For most organizations, the cost of putting your business 100% into the cloud is less than or about the same as the cost of maintaining and backing up a traditional network every year. Where do the big savings come in? You don’t have to buy it and build it yourself!

It’s out there…waiting for you.

You just have to get it from a provider who won’t rush to cash your checks and leave your business—and your people—far behind.

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Your organization may be ready for the cloud if you:

  • Are on schedule to replace your network in the next two years
  • Have 5-250 people
  • Want to eliminate massive capital IT expenses (In fact, if you want a case study spelling out exactly how our corporate cloud solution can save you money, email us!)
  • Need to increase your focus on your core business
  • Are interested in enhanced scalability and security
  • Would like to increase business continuity
  • Have many locations
  • Need enhanced speed and reliability
  • Need a HIPAA or ITAR compliant solution

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What’s Different About OptimalSphere Hosted Cloud Services?

We provide a preeminent, enterprise class business solution to small- and mid-sized organizations. It’s faster, more reliable and more secure than the rest. Plus, when you need support, we’re ready and waiting to help. While most cloud companies focus on what they offer, rather than on what you need, here’s what can expect from us:

  • Interest in Your Business: We want to understand what you need from technology, so we can help. For us, it’s not just about the network. It’s about fulfilling your business mission.
  • Business Reliability: Putting all your computers in our premium data center(s) gives you a highly reliable system–and more up-time than you’ll find anywhere.
  • Security and Backup: All of your data is backed up and secure in a certified SSAE 16 Type II datacenter, giving you higher levels of security than you can build in your own office space.
  • Work Anywhere: As long as your people have Internet access, they can work from their computers in the cloud.
  • Extend the Life of Computers: Use old laptops and desktops to access the cloud environment. When it’s time to replace them, you don’t even have to buy full computers. You can just replace your old PCs with thin clients—we’ll include them in your service.
  • Customized For You: Set up your staff with whatever programs they need. Put your servers in the cloud, right along with your staff desktops, so data access is fast and seamless.
  • Premium Support: When you need technical support, call our premium support staff to get real help from a live person.
  • Scalability and Flexibility: Pay for what you use each month, making it easy for you to change your staff counts on the fly, based on evolving needs.
  • Maintenance and Monitoring: Your cloud solution comes with patching, anti-virus, anti-spyware, and anti-spam applications, providing full, ongoing protection for everything you use.
  • Automatic Software Upgrades: Stop paying for new Microsoft software licenses and upgrades every few years. We test the latest upgrades and install them for you when they’re ready for prime time, all included.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Choose OptimalSphere to remain HIPAA or ITAR compliant.

Don’t just take our word for it…