What if you could get an enterprise-class, secure corporate communications platform without the expense (and frustration) of buying and maintaining the infrastructure?

Whether your employees work across the hall, the country, or the globe, consistent communication is important. More than that, the ways in which you collaborate with colleagues can enhance productivity and boost morale. But, very few organizations have the budget to set up the infrastructure for comprehensive—and secure—collaboration.

With Optimal’s Hosted Lync Service, you can do more than communicate—you can cost-effectively connect.

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Optimal’s Hosted Lync service features:

  • Cost-effective. All the benefits of Microsoft’s Lync service without any of the hassles. You receive an enterprise-class, secure corporate communications platform without the expense (and frustration) of buying, configuring, and maintaining a Lync server in your office. For a predictable monthly fee, Lync is delivered to your employees.
  • Secure IM. With Lync’s robust, secure, corporate instant messaging system, you can share files and messages securely. Perfect for quick communications, an internal IM system reduces corporate internal email exchanges and enhances effectiveness and productivity.
  • Reliability. One dependable platform for all real-time communications ensures ease of use—and ease of frustration. Plus, since Optimal hosts the service, you benefit from our top-notch client service standards, quick response times, and rapid problem resolutions.
  • Anywhere Access. Allows employees to communicate securely and stay connected from anywhere, on any device with an Internet connection.
  • Integration. Optimal can integrate your Hosted Exchange services with Lync so you have access to this communications powerhouse right from your email.
  • Time Saver. With a single click or touch, your employees can set up dependable online meetings that people inside or outside your organization can easily join.
  • Pragmatic Features. From whiteboard sessions to polling tools, from screen and application sharing to the ability to add email distribution lists to contact lists, this solution can help to elevate and transform team meetings.
  • Collaboration. With the persistent chat feature, you can organize or participate in topic-based virtual rooms to meet in real-time. And, these discussions are searchable to enable efficient follow-up.

Optimal’s Hosted Lync service facilitates meaningful interactions in a reliable, secure, and cost-effective way.