What if a disaster ruined your office space—and all the
equipment in it?

Would your organization be able to recover? If so, how long before you were operational again? Or, are your problems a little more “real-life”—like you need more speed and space? What if you could accomplish it all—put all of your hardware in a safe, controlled, and monitored off-site environment?

By colocating your equipment in Optimal’s datacenter, you can house your mission-critical equipment off-site in our high-end, secure, continually-monitored datacenter. You are the tenant; we are the responsive and responsible landlord.

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Let Optimal house your equipment and start realizing the benefits:

  • Increased Bandwidth means increased speed.
  • Security; our 24 x 7 physical security system keeps your equipment safe.
  • Reliability; Redundant power and 24 x 7 power backup systems mean that “down time” as a result of power outages are a thing of the past
  • Equipment Longevity; Our premium SSAE 16 Type II (formerly SAS 70) datacenters feature precise, temperature-controlled environments to protect your equipment and extend its lifecycle.
  • Built-in Disaster Recovery; Should the unthinkable occur at your office site, you could be back and up and running in a short timeframe because your mission-critical equipment is stored off-site at one of our two datacenters (Silver Spring, MD and Ashburn, VA)
  • Flexibility; as your network infrastructure grows, additional pieces of equipment can be added to our datacenter—and you don’t need to look for larger office space.

In addition, clients who colocate their equipment with us have access to additional Optimal services like server management, monitoring, and backup and disaster recovery.