Are your tape backup system rotations hard to keep track of?

If you aren’t using tapes, are you worried about the reliability of the backup system you’ve chosen? Does your data backup system work in tandem with your disaster recovery plans? Your organization is data-dependent—is that data being protected?

5800478Optimal’s dataShield℠ is a cost-effective, cloud-based data backup solution that includes a full data backup of your email, servers, and workstations every night, file restoration, and off-site storage. Plus, you receive backup verification and notification for added peace of mind. dataShield℠ brings enterprise-level backup technology to you, at an affordable rate. It is a straight-forward, no frills backup service to replace the tape backup system at your organization—and it covers you comprehensively.

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dataShield℠ features:

  • Full Backup. dataShield℠ backs up your files, your desktops, your laptops, and your servers.
  • Data Restoration. You can easily restore data and files from your dataShield℠ user dashboard.
  • Daily Backup. dataShield℠ performs a comprehensive backup of your systems every night—no questions and no tapes.
  • Off-site Storage. dataShield℠ stores your data at two separate, highly-secure data centers. Even if you want to keep your current backup solution, this feature provides you with an off-site disaster recovery option.
  • Data Retention. Default is 60 days, but you can customize it to your business needs. Our efficient, block-level backup technology minimizes your retention costs.
  • Tapeless Solution. With dataShield℠, you no longer have to worry about complex tape rotation schemes, off-site tape storage, forgetting to change the tape, and damaged or lost tapes. Plus, you save money by not having to pay for 21 tapes each year, buy a new tape drive every two years, pay for off-site tape storage, or invest in upgrades for your tape backup software.
  • Backup Verification. dataShield℠ provides peace of mind by emailing you to verify which backups have been performed and when. In addition, you receive access to a dashboard from which you can track the backups.